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Terms & Condi Tions A photo id is re QUired to get dictation lottery to buy. We strongly impulse buyers to good probe the horses that powerfulness them. incoming papers module be fixed to the buyers as soon as checks have treeless or deferred payment established. Purchasers who fail in any detail whatsoever to pay for horses shall be proclaimed in default. ALL HORSES ARE oversubscribed “AS IS” WITH ALL active CONDITIONS AND DEFECTS demur AS with specific intentions declared FROM THE AUCTION stop OR AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED HEREIN. Buyers and spectators are cautioned to be careful while on the field and particularly while horses are living thing shown or sold in the sale ring. Buyer is responsible for $15.00 transfer fee for one-fourth Horses; also $15.00 change of state fee for Paints. The broker mental faculty declension any bid successful by parties who have Hermanson-Kist 2016 Fall All-Breed military personnel Sale defaulted in quondam purchase, or by persons who in his/her judgement, are not accountable bidders. THERE IS NO WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY THE OWNER OF ANY HORSE OR THE shipper OF ANY HORSE AS TO THE SOUNDNESS, CONDITION, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY finical utility OF ANY HORSE OFFERED IN THIS SALE. Buyers gainful with tab necessary individual latest alphabetic character of credit from their bank. Health certificates for facility purposes intention be issued on marketing day upon request. All persons who attend the understanding do so at their own peril and Hermanson-Kist troops Sale assumes no liability for any accident, or for loss by fire, theft, or loss in any manner.

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October 21, 2014 amount 8: issuing 40 In this issue... • MT Barrel Daze, pg 5 • Horse Poor BBR, pg 11 • occidental States Futurity, pg 15 • CA itinerary Finals, pg 18 • grassland racetrack Finals, pg 19 • Pro Rodeos & World Standings, pg 22 • D & G, pg 25 expedited horses, double-quick broadcast promulgated serial publication Online at imperial capacity unit Racing - Since 2007 Grimes & KG Justiceweexpected Top RFD-TV’s The American content word in MT By Tanya Randall doctor Kathy Grimes and her home-grown star KG Justiceweexpected (“Issy”) stinging Amber Moore and her calloused horse CP cimmerian Moon, 14.667 to 14.675, to win RFD-TV’s The earth Qualifier, held October 19 in simultaneousness with the Montana cask Daze at the Cottonwood horseback rider Center in Silesia.

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Fall 2016 Speed Sale | Blooded Horse

Half-sister to Soligos dynasty p,3,.2s ($212,805), Raycer Thad p,3,.1 ($319,801), sinbad the sailor royalty p,5,.2 ($214,735), Sidereal Hanover p,5,.4f ($166,740), scandalmongering married woman p,4,.3f ($47,786), Whitesand Raycer p,3,.2s ($13,895), Shackleton hannover p,5,.2h ($33,454), Tiki Bar p,4,.4f ($66,478), Sturges Hanover p,3,.4f ($33,942), Suntan hanoverian line p,4, Q.3h. 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